Teaching & Learning Center

Prince Sultan University is well known for the quality of its students' education and the creativity and commitment of our staff. The Teaching and Learning Center works with faculty members, administrative staff, and students alike to enrich their educational experience. The Center encourages innovation and the exchange of ideas and methods. The Center supports the mission of the University, by providing PSU stakeholders professional development opportunities aimed at facilitating, promoting and recognising excellence in higher education that supports both the teaching and the learning of PSU’s students.


The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at Prince Sultan University was established in September 2012 to promote excellence in teaching at all levels and excellence in student learning outcomes. The goal of the TLC-PSU is to ensure a professional commitment of faculty members and teaching assistants and implement an excellent teaching environment at the University. We aim at fostering effective teaching that goes beyond the content-based approach that merely relies on the transmission of information, towards a more focused outcome-based approach where the learner and the outcomes he is supposed to achieve are the core of the teaching process. Indeed, successful teaching and learning approaches are able to effectively attract the attention of students and convince them about the relevance and importance of what they are learning.


The TLC at Prince Sultan University aims to be the finest center of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning throughout the Middle East.


The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) initiates best practices in teaching and assessment at all levels where the ultimate purpose is to ensure a professional commitment and to promote the enthusiasm of all teachers in order to implement an optimum teaching and learning environment for students at PSU. In fostering effective and innovative teaching pedagogy and practices, we focus on demonstrable outcome-based and problem-based student-centered approaches where the learner and the outcomes are the core and the goal of the teaching process. In so doing, the TLC offers institutional support, training and guidance in the form of workshops, seminars, and consultations for both teachers and students, and fosters all manner of faculty/student interchange and responsiveness.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

The Teaching and Learning Strategy (TLS) is supported and guided by the mission of Prince Sultan University, which is:

“Prince Sultan University aims to provide the Middle East with a quality education to the highest international standards. In its efforts towards a successful and responsible life-long learning, PSU integrates modern technology, pedagogy, and human values for the advancement of scientific research, productivity, and leadership towards a more meaningful social life. PSU is committed to the effective management of institutional resources to optimize its multiple roles as a catalyst for new learning opportunities, national and international partnerships, continuous studies, professional growth, community service, and diversity in educational horizons for the good of humanity.”

The goal of the Teaching and Learning Strategy is to reflect the University’s mission and core values. It also aims to reflect PSU’s strive for excellence in teaching and learning.

This strategy seeks to ensure the quality of teaching offered at PSU, to continuously enhance it, and to amend it where appropriate. This should lead to enhancing the students’ satisfaction and overall experience.

The strategy will be implemented by the Teaching and Learning Center, which reports directly to the Vice Rector of Quality Assurance. The strategy will be periodically reviewed and, if needed, updated by the Teaching and Learning Center. 

Aims of the University Teaching and Learning Strategy:

1.      To provide students with adequate and effective mechanisms for enhancing student learning. This will be achieved by meeting the needs and interests of the learners and by ensuring excellence 

2.      To periodically review the University’s teaching and learning policies and regulations to ensure that they achieve the intended goals.

3.      To periodically review the University’s teaching, learning, and assessment activities to ensure its suitability to achieve its goals.

4.      To provide faculty members and staff with collegial support through providing different professional development opportunities, and through supporting innovative practices.

5.      To maintain and enhance high standards of teaching through the sharing of ideas and expertise, as well as encouraging reflecting on teaching practices.

6.      To enhance teaching and learning in the context of the University’s strategic themes and TLQF.

7.      To recognize and award teachers who strive to achieve the University’s mission by establishing the Rector’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

Director’s Words

The Teaching and Learning Center has been established to encourage the best teaching practices here at PSU to support faculty development and student learning. When students believe that success is possible, they will try. The process of learning is about making sense of our individual experiences which we have. That is why it is a part of the faculty members’ responsibilities to encourage them to be successful, to promote positive thinking, and help our students grow academically in their specific fields. So, our first priority in our class is to help our students believe in themselves and their ability to learn. I would like to encourage the students to take ownership of their learning and develop the skills they need to be leaders in their areas of specializations. I would like to encourage all faculty members to foster innovative teaching strategies in the classroom and share those ideas with others. The TLC looks forward to hearing about these innovative teaching strategies. For example the use of mental imagery in the classroom no matter what the subject is.

Dr. Alia Mitchell

Director, Teaching And Learning Center

What Does The TLC Do?

We offer a collection of lectures, workshops, and courses on the different aspects of teaching, learning, and academic contributions. The TLC coordinates the University’s Rector’s Distinguished Teaching Award. The TLC also provides a strategic focus for educational enhancement, engaging with relevant higher education research in order to improve practice and influence the development of policy, within the University and beyond. If you'd like to get in touch with us about anything, please email: