Quality Assurance Center

The Quality Assurance Center (QAC) was established to monitor and oversee the quality in educational standards at PSU helping in achieving national and international accreditation of the PSU program. The QAC focuses on spreading the culture of quality in the university through continuous support and effective advising on quality matters, leading to the building of distinguished experiences in all academic and administrative processes. It aims at verifying and ensuring the university's services are being performed in a manner that meets or exceeds internal and external educational requirements and stakeholders' expectation. Along with other centers of the Deanship of the Quality Assurance and Development (DQAD), the QAC participates actively in all quality efforts such as planning and monitoring of strategic plans and program assessments, analysis of the stakeholder’s survey results and key performance indicators against the pre-specified internal and external benchmarks, and support the accreditation process at the institutional and program level.


The PSU’s Quality Assurance System enables to

  • Monitor the quality of services provided to stakeholders with respect to Academic and administrative support.
  • Maintain high standards in all services to meet the national and international requirements in higher education.
  • Regularly review the Quality System in the University, helping to attain the vision, mission and core values of the University by coordinating all the processes in academic and administrative units to deliver quality educational services.
  • Monitor quality practices.
  • Encourage continuous improvement in the management of quality academic and administrative processes


To be pioneers in ensuring excellence in Quality Assurance practices in higher education.


PSU's Quality Assurance Center aims to establish and maintain a culture of the highest quality standards in all academic and administrative units through the application of modern quality systems, leading to assuring and complying to the policies and procedures within the institutional Quality Framework.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We express our integrity through objectivity, honesty, ethical practice, and transparent communication.
  • Excellence & High Quality: We strive for excellence in the quality of the work at PSU and encourage a culture of learning and creativity to continually enhance quality services.
  • Collaboration / Team work: We value collaboration with others, respecting the diversity and talents of our colleagues.
  • Reliability / Credibility / Dependability: We ensure that the information disseminated to various academic and administrative units by the QA Centre is trustworthy.
  • Competency and Solemnity: The staff on board should be highly skilled and committed to provide continuous support and disseminate authentic information related to quality.
  • Cooperation: Caring attitude toward the faculty and staff

QAC’s Primary Goals

  • Promote quality culture and governance
  • Ensure Excellence in Quality Practices in teaching and learning as well as its support services.
  • Oversee quality Compliance and requirements for International and National Accreditation
  • Enhance Continuous Quality Improvement.