Statistics & Information Center

Center for Statistics and Information (CSI) provides full data support and training to Prince Sultan University researchers and academic programs in a variety of areas relating to the management, collection, and analysis of data.

The Center for Statistics and Information is a unit within the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Development of (DQAD) and reports to the Dean. CSI has been established to provide statistical support and information for all PSU units. It provides data and statistics in all phases of projects: program accreditation or other data oriented tasks. The scope of the center is broad, including formal statistical analysis, data visualization, predictive modelling among other areas


CSI aspires to become the leading innovative statistics centre in KSA that supports Data-Driven Decisions to improve Quality of Higher Education.


The Center of Statistics and Information is committed to provide the highest quality of institutional data to support our critical management decisions and enhance the quality of planning for Prince Sultan University.


Collect, integrate and transform data into official institutional information with established guidelines and best practices to ensure data consistency, reliability and validity. Control data-gathering activities for strategic planning, self-study, program evaluation, funding requests, market analyses, policy impact studies and special research projects.​​


  • To establish a designated center for official data collection, reporting and analysis for Prince Sultan University
  • Provide timely and accurate information via regular and ad hoc reporting of institutional data to Higher and Executive Management.
  • To help provide decision and planning support services to enhance institutional effectiveness and quality through data analysis.
  • Provide administrative support for institutional effectiveness activities, especially regarding the evaluation of teaching and student learning outcomes assessment.

Institutional KPIs


Program KPIs