Deanship of Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) strives to enrich student experiences outside the classroom as persons, scholars, and citizens, by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities, events, and dedicated units dedicated to serve the students’ overall needs in the University. The DSA features five such units under its helm:

  • Academic Advising Unit – counsels and guides students in regards to academic complications, e.g. low GPAs, absences, and make-up exams
  • Co-Operative Education & Alumni Relations Unit – #1 acts as an intermediary between students who are eligible for the Co-Op and companies who are interested in training students; #2 keeps in close touch with PSU alumni
  • Guidance and Counselling Unit – addresses students’ non-academic requirements and needs by offering social services and psychological counselling
  • Student Activities Unit – responsible for organizing extra-curricular activities events, e.g. International Culture Day and working with PSU student clubs
  • Student Services Unit – provides students with tutoring opportunities, part-time jobs, lockers, and University ID cards


The Deanship of Student Affairs supports students in their academic, social, cultural, and personal development, thereby enabling them to contribute to the advancement of PSU, Saudi Arabia, other lands and global society. Toward these ends, the Deanship strives to offer memorable times and experiences that give meaning and zest to PSU graduates endless journey of learning, discovery, and engagement.


The Deanship of Student Affairs provides an array of programs, services and facilities that nurtures academic success, student development and membership in a warm, engaging campus community. We assist and inspire students as they prepare for their future roles in a diverse, dynamic and global society

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hussaini

Dean's Message

"Dear Visitors, Welcome To The Website Of The Deanship Of Student Affairs!"

On our web-pages, you will find all relevant information to the student services and activities at Prince Sultan University (PSU), the first non-profit private university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The PSU Deanship of Student Affairs has long been in service of the University students, ensuring the provision of a conducive environment for quality education in line with the University's mission and its continuous commitment to excellence in higher education.

The Deanship of Student Affairs comprises a number of Units designated for serving the University students, offering them relevant services and providing a variety of programs and activities. Among the aims of these Units are enhancing students' knowledge and broadening their perspectives, assisting students to expand their horizons and gain useful experience, training students to become socially responsible, offering students the opportunity to practice their activities of interest and equipping students with varied skills and positive values in the light of the University's bylaws and regulations.

The Deanship of Student Affairs recognizes the significance of its responsibilities and acknowledges its prime role in serving the University students and providing them with necessary assistance and support. It is this role and responsibilities that the Deanship is committed to fulfill and is determined to accomplish.

We, at the Deanship of Student Affairs, welcome your visits to our website. We also appreciate continuous interaction with the University students to learn about their opinions and recommendations which help us to continuously assess and enhance our services. May God grant us assistance, guidance and support.

Abdullah Al-Hussaini, Phd

Dean of Student Affairs & Chair of Institutional Student Affair Committee