Deanship Units

Academic Advising Unit

This unit offers preventive services that create appropriate conditions to achieve a proper growth of the student, and for them to build positive relationships with other students and faculty members in the university. The goal is to solve academic problems the student may face, together with specialists; the unit aims to deal with problems and other difficulties. Also, the Unit offers care to students and follows up on their education. As a result, the unit is able to answer all questions asked by parents /guardians. It also informs parents /guardians if the student’s academic performance showed anything that should be reported- In order to help the student overcome whatever obstacle they may face. in the instance a student reaches an academic warning, the unit calls the student for a meeting when signs of academic problems occur. This is done to explain the situation to the student and discuss the possible solutions that could help them overcome their mistakes and shortcomings.

COOP & Alumni Relations Unit

The Cooperative Education and Alumni Relations Unit seeks to achieve the objectives of Prince Sultan University through assisting the University graduates to build a deeper understanding of their field, prepare them to the labor market, learn how to overcome all obstacles, merge them in the work environment to gain a genuine and authentic expertise in a realistic atmosphere during their training in selected and distinguished companies. This is achieved through first-rate preparation and effective means of communication, which aims at establishing profound skills in information science, proper ethics, discipline, self-confidence and cooperation with others The Unit builds good relationships with the labor market within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It attempts to fulfill the University’s goals through giving our students a chance to gain practical experience, thus preparing them for a successful future. Eventually, leading to participate in the overall success of our beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • continuous liaison between the graduate student and the university
  • raising the sense of affiliation between the graduate student and the university
  • continued development of services provided for alumni and cooperative training students which contributes to ensuring effective and fruitful communication between the university, the graduate students, and the business sector
  • building strong, effective and continuous relationships between the university and the labor market inside and outside the Kingdom
  • strengthening the bond between the university graduates

Services Provided

  • to ensure the quality of work and services rendered for this category, to make the best use of the connections established with it in the future, and to facilitate effective communication with it, the Cooperative Education and Alumni Relations Unit builds a database for this category using up-to-date methods and technologies
  • the unit assists the student to learn all information related with the phase of cooperative education and graduation by holding introductory events about the Unit, its goals, vision, and student’s oriented services, trainers, and employers cooperating with the University in this field
  • It introduces the students to career and training opportunities in companies cooperating with University, and to the significance of the student’s relationship with these bodies in the field of cooperative training and employment of graduates by holding induction events in which these companies are invited to introduce themselves to the students
  • It organizes meetings and workshops aiming to promote the students’ skills of writing a CV, communication skills, and how to pass a personal interview successfully.
  • the Unit holds graduation ceremonies and annual meetings with alumni, supervises the Alumni club, and introduces the alumni after graduation to how to make use of the university’s facilities, and to the offers provided to the university by the private sector (sports and tourism services, , hotels, etc.)
  • the Cooperative Education and Alumni Relations unit builds a database for the companies collaborating with the university in the field of employment and training using modern methods to ensure constant communication, signing partnership and collaboration agreements with these companies in these fields, and providing complete information to these companies about graduate students and the students of the cooperative training program

Enrollment Conditions

  • to join the Cooperative Education Program, the student shall be requested to complete all courses except the Cooperative Education course
  • when the student enrolls in the Cooperative Education Program, his cumulative grade point average (GPA) must not be less than 2.00 on a 4.00 scale
  • during enrollment at the Cooperative Education Program, the student must be totally free. It should be emphasized that taking any credit hours, whatsoever their number be, or courses during the Cooperative Program is NOT permitted
  • two semesters before the enrollment of the students at the Cooperative Education Program, the heads of the departments at all colleges coordinate with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to determine the number of the students expected to enroll in the program. The heads of the departments also coordinate with the supervising professors to put a specific study plan for each student to ensure that the student has completed all courses before enrolling in the program
  • the student must register the Cooperative Education course immediately before he/she starts his/her training at the training body

Guidance & Counselling Unit

The Guidance and Counselling Unit offers help and counselling regarding social, behavioral and psychological matters for all students. It aims to help students benefit from their personal skills and to utilize those skills, efficiently. Additionally, the unit will also provide students with the necessary behavioral tools to enhance their overall experience at PSU, which falls in-line with the university’s goals in producing a generation of youth that is able to contribute effectively in the development and constant evolution of our beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Services Provided By The Guidance and Counselling Unit

Hotline Service: This service is provided to students with special needs which can help them to overcome their problems as soon as possible and provide them with the appropriate counselling by contacting the Guidance and Counselling Unit via the Hotline. The person responsible for the hotline service is Mr. Abdullah Alsehaimi, who is the Guidance Counselor at the Deanship of student Affairs, whose contact information are the following: Tell: 0114948126, E-mail: As For the Women Campus, the Counselor- who is responsible for the hotline is: Ms. Amal Al-Omair, Students Affairs Office, Tell: 0114948698, E-mail:

Tawasul Service: Tawasul is an electronic service that is provided by the Ministry of Education and managed by the Guidance and Counselling Unit. This service aims to receive inquiries, requests and suggestions from the beneficiaries of the university and then respond to them with the possibility of following-up these requests through the e-gate. Notifications are usually sent to these beneficiaries via e-mails and mobile numbers

Student Activities Unit

The Student Activities Unit is responsible for coordinating campus activities program to include scheduling event and facilities, supervising and monitoring student organizations. The unit is also responsible for the overall development of student organizations and the implementation of a full range of extra-curricular activities for the students. Below is a list of the work and assistance provided by DSA personnel.

  • presents strategies and programs to influence the students, positively.
  • Coordinates seminars and events that will aid in the overall development of students
  • monitors and assists existing student clubs to enhance the quality and benefits of the clubs
  • assess the proposals for formation of new clubs and assist those that have merit
  • conducts surveys and questionnaires on the current activities and events to gauge the level of the satisfaction on recent club activities
  • organize events which showcases the innovation and creativity of the students.
  • orchestrate events to showcase the heritage of the students, their nationalities, e.g. International Culture Day
  • helps students in putting together their own events to shine a light on their true potential

Student Services Unit

Some of the services provided by the Unit are such:

Part-time Employment

This program offers job opportunities for students during the semester for two months. Each month is (40) hours, that is equal to two hours per day to avoid affecting the level of the student. The student must pass the partial job conditions in order to be accepted in the program.

Miras (Female Campus Only)

The Miras Program is designed to be an official link between current PSU students and affiliations to provide students with an opportunity to gain meaningful experience in a field of interest. Miras is an Arabic Word which means “flexibility and experience”. The name was chosen to reflect its objectives.

The purpose of the Program is to provide students with work experience in a professional setting aimed to enhance their academic, professional and personal learning.

These experiences will enable the students to apply classroom theory to real world situations, gain awareness of the professional to real world situations, gain awareness of the professional expectations in the work environment, identify personal developmental needs and gain insight in their potential career direction.

If you face any problem, please feel free to contact us through the E-mail ( Your Email should include an explanation of the nature of your problem along with your Name and your student ID. Miras Portal:

Extensive Tutorial classes

The objective is to raise the educational level of students and qualify them to obtain higher grades with the following procedures:

  • students and tutors (whether faculty members or a student) fill out the registration form and hand them over to the coordinator
  • the coordinator coordinates the schedule in accordance with the student's schedule and the tutors schedule then communicates with the parties to inform them of the schedule


Provide free lockers for students to help them store their personal things. The lockers are offered at different sizes.

ID Cards

The ID cards allow the student to enter the University Campus in the evenings for recreational use, such as playing football, table tennis, basketball, and swimming. Additionally, Students must possess an ID card, in order to enter the final exams.

Letter of Student Affirmation

Letters of Student Affirmation are issued to students whether citizens or residents. The internal letters of affirmation are issued by the Dean of Student Affairs, and the external letters of affirmation are issued by the Rector.

Student Clubs

The Deanship of Student Affairs recognizes the importance of student clubs and their roles in the overall development and morale of university students. Towards that end, the DSA encourages students to submit club proposals which are vetted and assessed en route to being listed as a DSA recognized student club.

The Deanship of Student Affairs offers two types of Clubs: academic, and non-academic. This ensures that the university students’ needs are met whereby their overall academic performance can improve by becoming a part of academic clubs and their spirits can be lifted by the recreational clubs.