Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Marketing, graduates are expected to be able to:

  • Describe the marketing concepts applicable in the business environment.
  • Relate the marketing concepts and real marketing practices in the industry.
  • Differentiate the marketing strategies applicable in various sectors.
  • Evaluate current marketing practices with the changes in the local and international business environment.
  • Assess the practicality and suitability of marketing concepts in the specific context.
  • Formulate and justify appropriate marketing strategies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to express ideas explicitly.
  • Use technology in data-gathering, analysis and dissemination of output.
  • Indicative of understanding of universal ethical issues and standards.
  • Produce novel ideas and/or design creative solutions.
  • Demonstrate ability to work collectively.
  • Relate the global marketing practices to the local context.