Marketing is the process through which organizations discover and study the needs of the target customers and design, price, promote, and distribute goods, services, and ideas that satisfy these needs.

Marketing is pervasive in today's society and its philosophy, principles, and techniques are applicable to every conceivable type of organizations. In the past, marketing career opportunities were limited mainly to manufacturing, retailing, whole saling, consulting and advertising organizations. This is no longer the case as marketing is seen as indispensable to organizational success.

The Marketing major prepares students to practice marketing in today’s highly dynamic and challenging environments. To accomplish this objective, the Marketing curriculum contains a wide range of courses together with a mix of business, management and useful general courses.


I am very pleased and honored to welcome you to the Department of Marketing.

The Marketing Department has been established as one of the four major departments under the College of Business Administration (CBA) to meet the emerging business needs in competitive marketing strategies for the businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently, the Department of Marketing offers an undergraduate program in Marketing which aims to give our student the knowledge and the skills they need to practice marketing in today’s highly dynamic and challenging business environment.

Among the strengths of the program are its international curriculum, excellent line of faculty gathered from around the globe with diverse educational and ethnic backgrounds, mix of traditional and modern pedagogical tool of teaching, A CO-OP program that allows students to practice their knowledge and skills in a real work environment, strong relationship with leading companies in a number of the industries such as banks, production companies, advertising agencies, research institutions and others.

In our department, the faculty, staff, and students are committed to transforming the marketing education to have full advantage of experiential and entrepreneurial learning opportunities.

I hope you will take the time to discover more about the Marketing Program through our Web Site. We welcome your feedback and invite you to join us in shaping the leading program of the future.


Dr. George Thomas

Chair of Marketing Department